courses offered
First Degree Programmee (B.A.) (Six semesters)
  1 English Literature (Core) - Political Science & History of English Literature (Complimentary)
  2 History (Core) - Economical and Political Sciece (Complimentary)
  3 Economics (Core) - Indian History and Political Science (Complimentary)
First Degree Programmee (B.Sc.) (Six semesters)
  1 Mathematics (Core) - Statistics and Physics (Complimentary)
  2 Physics (Core) - Mathematics and Chemistry (Complimentary)
  3 Chemistry (Core) - Mathematics and Physics (Complimentary)
  4 Botany (Core) - Chemistry and Zoology (Complimentary)
  5 Zoology (Core) - Botany and Chemistry (Complimentary)
P.G Course (Four Semester)
  1 M.A. Economics
  2 M.A. English
  3 M.Sc. Physics
  4 M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry

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