Department of botany
The Department of Botany was started in 1967 with three teachers taking B.Sc subsidiary classes for students who's main subject was zoology. Our students won first rank of the Kerala University in 1976 and 1977 respectively.
In the year 1980, B.Sc Botany with zoology and chemistry as axcillary subjects was started. The department became full fledged in 1983 with six teachers. Prof. Thomas jacob was the Head of the Department. After a long service of 32 years, he retired in 1991. He created an atmosphere for team work in the Department and the present status of the department was achieved through this effort. Dr. Elizabeth John took charge and led the Department from success to success till 2000. She had an outstanding Ph.D work from West Germany.
Prof. Annamma Chacko followed her for one year. She was an able teacher and a good guide. Prof. M.G.Ponnamma served as the geneticist of the Department. Then in 2001 June, Smt. Susan George took the charge and led the Department till 2007. Sri. Thomas Alex took over the charge on 2007 and lead the Department till 2012.
The students from this department are placed all over the world occupying various positions and add to the welfare of the state as a whole.
Resumes of Present Faculty Members
PDF Sri. Thomas P. Thomas PDF Smt. Alka E. Varghese PDF Dr. A. S. Jyothi Kanchan
Sl. Name Qualification Period
1 Prof. Thomas Jacob M.Sc 1967 - 1991
2 Dr. Elizabeth John M.Sc., Ph.D 1970 - 2001
3 Smt. Annamma Chacko M.Sc 1976 - 2002
4 Smt. M.G. Ponnamma M.Sc 1977 - 2002
5 Smt. Susan George M.Sc., B.Ed 1980 - 2007
6 Prof. Thomas Alex M.Sc., B.Ed 1981- 2012
List of Laboratory Staff
Sl. Name Designation
1 M. Cherian Heribrium Keeper 1982 Onwards
2 Koshy Eapen Lab Assistant 1981 Onwards
Toppers in U.G Classes
Sl. Name of Year of Percentage University
No. the Student Passing of Marks Position
1 Lakshmi Sreekumar 2005 89.3  
2 Keerthi A. 2006 79.3  
3 Savitha Thampan 2007 82.8  
4 Soumya R. S. 2008 82.7  
5 Surya Gopinathan 2009 77.5  
Equipments and Facilities
Sl. No. Equipment
1 Photo Colorimeter
2 PH meter
3 Research Micoroscope with attached Camera
4 Binocular Research Microscope
5 Monopan Balance
6 Electronic Balance
7 Overhead Projector
8 Oven
9 Microtome
10 Centrifuge
11 Distilling unit
12 Autoclave
13 UV sterilizing unit
  • Two well furnished B.Sc labs with sufficient number of Compund microscope and dissection microscopes
  • A computer with Printer
  • A greenhouse with sufficient number of plants from different families
Completed Research Projects
On going Reserach Projects

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