college rules
General Rules
1 All students of the college shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the college.
2 Every student is expected to be regular and punctual in attending the college.
3 Students are expected to remain in standing posture in the campus during the time of the prayer song observing complete silence at the stroke of the third bell at 09:30 am. They shall keep silence in the campus during working hours.
4 Students who are free during any period should remain in the reading room in vacant class rooms and utilise the time profitably.
5 Students are expected to co-operate in keeping the college buildings and campus neat and tidy. Writing and making marks on the walls or furniture or dropping ink on the floor or throwing paper anywhere except in the receptacles provided for purpose is strictly prohibited.
6 Prior permission of the principle is necessary :
  a For organising special meatings, entertainments or social functions.
  b For inviting persons who are not members of the teaching staff of the college for any function in the college.
  c For collection and subscription of any kind from the members of the college.
  d For distribution or display of the literature.
7 Students shall get the prior permission of the principal for residents other than with their parents.
8 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college and its premises.
9 Any student suspended from the college is not allowed to enter the college or its premises during the period of suspension.
10 Students are strictly forbidden to engage in activities, political or otherwise, which would interfere with the normal life and work of the college.
11 Notice signed or countersigned by the Principal and published on the Notice Board should be taken as having been brought to the notice of the members of the college.
12 Students are strictly forbidden to make complaints or submit petitions in a body.
13 Every student shall wear clean and respectable dress in the class rooms, the buildings and premises of the college.
14 When a teacher enters a class students shall rise and remain standing till they are directed to sit or till the teacher takes his/her seat.
15 When the Principal or a visitor enters a class room students shall stand up and remain standing till they are directed to sit down.
16 In every class each student shall have a special seat and shall not occupy any other seat without the permission of the Lecturer-in-charge of the class.
17 No student shall be allowed to leave the class room without the permission of the Lecturer-in-charge of the class until the class is dismissed.
18 Every student shall handle the college property with care and shall do everything in his power to keep the furniture safe and clean. Students who handle the college furniture and property carelessly are liable to serious punishment.
19 Authority of the Principal in matters of discipline extends to the conduct of the students outside the college.
20 Students shall not entertain outsiders inside the campus.
21 Outsiders are strictly prohibited to meet students inside the campus without the permission of the Principal.
22 Bursting of crackers inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
23 As per the order of the Government of Kerala Mobile Phone with Camers, Fashion Show and Cinematic Dance are banned in all educational institutions of the State. Mobile Phone without camera must be switched off in class rooms and inside the campus. The principal and Ethics Committee reserve the right to take disciplinary action against those who violate the order.
24 Traditional Art and Cultural Programmes can be staged inside the camous only with the prior permission of the Ethics Committee.
25 Any question not covered by the above rules will be decided by the Principal.
Admission and Withdrawal
1 Application for admission must be made in the prescribed form and the applicants should produce necessary documents before admission.
2 Admission can be denied to any candidate by the Principal in the interest of the college without assigning any reason.
3 Students comming from other Universities/Boards should produce Eligibility Certificate and Migration Certificate at the time of admission.
4 No candidate for admission will be enrolled or allowed to attend classes untile the prescribed fees have been paid.
5 No students shall be considered to have been enrolled in any college term unless he/she attend atleast one day of the college term or has paid the fees or portions thereof.
6 A student applying for the Transfer Certificate during a college term of any day of which it has been given opened or applying not later than the 5th working day of the college term immediatelyfollowing shall be such certificate upon payment of all fees or other dues or of such portions thereon as per rules.
7 A fee of Rs.25 shall be levied of Duplicate T.C and a fine of Rs.15 for late issue of T.C Certificate from the first class magistrate is required for issue of Duplicate T.C.
8 Ordinarily, a notice of 24 Hrs is necessary for the issue of Transfer Certificat, copies of the Orginal Certificates, Conduct Certificate, etc.
9 A student has to apply to the Principal for any Certificate or for the return of S.S.L.C or Any other certificate issued by the University or other Body and received in the College at the time of admission. The Certificates will be issued to the student in person only after he pays the fees and other dues he/she owes to the college.
10 No certificate will be sent by post unless a stamped and self-addressed envelope is sent for the purpose.
11 A student applying for any Certificate must do so in the application from prescribed for it.
Caution Deposit
1 Every student shall pay the Caution Deposit at the rates prescribed by the Government along with the first installment of fees at the time of admission.
2 The student should keep in safe custody the receipts issued for remittance of the Caution Deposit amount during the tenure of the course. The Caution Deposit amount will be refunded only if the connected receipt issued from the college is produced along with the application for refund of Caution Deposit.
Collection of Fees
1 Tution fee will be collected in three instalments. The first instalment including the special fee prescribed will be collected on the date of admission.Subsequent instalments will be collected on or before the 7th working day of each term.
2 If any student fails to pay the fees or special fees on the due date he/she shall be liable to pay a fine Rs.5/- along with the fees on or before the 10th working day after the due date.
3 If the fees with the fine Rs.5/- is not paid on or before the 10th working day after the due date anadditional fine Rs.10/- will be charged. If the fees and fine are not paid within 15 days from the due datethe name of the student will be removed from the rolls of the college. if he/she is to be re-admitted he/she has to apply for the special permission of the Principal and also has to remit Re-admission fee at Rs.50/- and the arrears of fees with fine. Fees will be collected only upto 2pm.
Attendance and leave of absence
1 Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher engaging the class. Late-comers have no right to claim attendance for the period.
2 Application for leave in the prescribed form must be forwarded to the Principal through Lecturer-in-charge in advance. When absence is due to some unforseen reason, the application should be submitted not later than the first day of the student's return to the college.
3 Absence for a period will be treated as absence for the whole day.
4 Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves from class without leave.
5 The minimum attendance prescribed by the University is 75%. Those who do not earn the required attendance are not qualified to appear for the examination.
6 Duty Leave for Physical Education/N.S.S activities will be granted only on the recommentation of the teachers concerned. The duly recommeded leave applications should be forwarded to the Principal not later than one week after the event. No other duty leave will be granted.
7 Absence without leave even for a period will be punished with a fine.
1 The college library consists of the General Library and the Departmental Librarys.
2 The Library is open to all the members of the College.
3 The Library will remain open between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm on all working days.
4 Books will be issued only on the production of Borrowers ticket. The ticket is not transferable.
5 Books of reference section will not be let out.
6 Books for various entrance examinations are available in the reference section.
7 Books borrowed by students shall not be retained for more than a week from the date of issue. Failure to this may be charged with a fine of Rs.1/- per day.
8 Members must on receiving books examine them and report to the Librarian any damage found therein. If they fail to do so they will be held responsible for any damage that may be detected afterwards. Any mark made in a book will be considered a damage.
9 Books borrowed from the Library may be recalled at any time.
10 Students shall surrender their Identity Card as and when requested by the Library Staff.
11 Private books and personal belongings of the students are to be kept at the entrance before entering the Library. No student is allowed to carry printed matter when they enter into the stock room.
College Auditorium
1 Students shall not be admitted before 30 minutes of the scheduled time for any functions. i.e., for a function at 10:00 am students will not be admitted before 9:30 am.
2 If the programme is for Students only, they shall produce the Identity Card along with ticket, pass, if any.
3 Woman shall be seated at the southern side and men at the northern side.
4 The first few rows of seats shall be reserved for staff/Guests.
5 Prize winners shall be seated next to the staff/Guests.
6 Strict discipline shall be maintained throughout the functions.
Fee Concessions and State Scholarship
1 As per Kumara Pillai Commission report, forward community students are also eligible for educational concession from the Harijan Welfare department provided the annual income from all sources of their parents does not exceed Rs. 25000/- in the case of degree classes and Rs.42000/- in the case of P.G classes.
2 Students who secure 45% and more marks at the respective qualifying examination and pass at the first appearance are eligible for unified fee concession. The annual income of their parents should not exceed Rs.3000/- for degree course.
3 Those who have got admission and secured not less than 50% marks in their qulifying examination may apply for the Kerala State Scholarship. The annual income of their parents should not exceed Rs.3000/- for degree course.
Examination and Test Paper
1 Excemption from attendance at examinations and Test papers conducted by the college will be granted only by the Principal. Application for such excemption except in case of illness must be made in person atleast two days before the commencement of the exams.
2 In case of illness the Principal may insist on the production of a medical certificate by a competent doctor.
3 Absence from examination and test paper without leave will render the student concerned liable to serious punishment.
4 A suitable fee may be collected from students to whom re-examination is offered.
5 Malpractice in test papers and examinations will render a student liable to severe punishment whch may amount to refusal of promotion to the next class or expulsion from the college.
The College Union
1 The objective of the College Union shall be:
  1 To train the students of the college in the duties, rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  2 To prompte opportunities for the development of character leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of serving among students.
  3 To organise Debates, Seminars, Workshops, Touring parties and such other functions.
  4 To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, social or recreational activities that are incidential and conductive to the above subjects.
2 1 All the students of the college shall be ordinary members of the Union and shall have the right to vote and contest in the elections of the union.
  2 All members shall pay the prescribed membership fee towards the College Union fund along with the first installment of fees.
  3 Tenure of office of the College Union shall be one acadamic year, that is from 1st June to 31st March.
The College Magazine
1 The Magazine deals mostly with subjects of literary and academic interest and is usually issued once a year.
2 The Management of the Magazine shall be vested in the Magazine Committee appointed afresh every year and composed of the following. The Principal (Ex officio President), A staff editor (nominated by the Principal), Staff Advertisers (nominated by the Principal for Hindi, Malayalam, Science and Arts Section), the Chief Student Editor and three Student Editors.
3 The Principal shall be the final Authority in all matters pertaining to the Magazine.
Study Tour
Study tours conducted by the college are part of the academic programme. The following instructions should be followd by the students with regard to Study Tours.
1 Study tours are to be conducted only with the prior permission of the Principal and Lecturer-in-charge.
2 Class teachers or other teachers deputed by the respective Heads of Department should accompany the students.
3 Booking of vehicles and arrangements for stay while on tour should be made only after consultation with the concerned authorities.
4 Each and every member of the party should try to see that their conduct while on tour enhances the prestige and reputation of the institution.
5 Any act of indiscipline while on tour shall be considered as an act of indiscipline committed in the college campus.

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